How to Increase Your Fashion Business Sales Using WhatsApp

The only COMPLETE bundle of resources you need to turn your WhatsApp into a money-spinning machine.

Includes 3 ebooks, 1 business guide, 9 worksheets, and one-month access to WhatsApp automation software

Introducing Uforo

At Uforo, we are on a mission to help African fashion business owners grow their businesses.

We created this WhatsApp marketing bundle to help fashion business owners develop their WhatsApp marketing and automation so they can grow their fashion businesses using WhatsApp.

What is included in the bundle?

Everything you need to set up and implement effective WhatsApp sales and marketing

4 eBooks

1 business guide

9 worksheets

Software access

What you'll learn from our eBooks

A very brief summary of what you'll learn from the eBooks

The WhatsApp marketing plan

You'll understand what marketing is in simple terms. Most importantly, you'll get to learn the right type of marketing for your fashion business.

The 6-step marketing process

Life is all about processes and marketing isn't left out. You'll learn about the customer journey and the steps it takes to turn people from leads to paying customers.

The WhatsApp Marketing strategy

Now that you understand what a marketing plan is. You'll learn about defining who you want to sell to, and how you'll be solving their problems.

The 5 W's and 1 H for defining target audience

This is a framework we will introduce you to, to help you define your target audience and create a buyer persona for your fashion business.

The WhatsApp marketing funnel

Not everyone you contact will become a customer. Our goal here is to help you understand how the marketing funnel works so you can set SMART goals.

The WhatsApp marketing tactics

The goal is always customers, and that will be our focus here. You'll learn what to do at each stage of the marketing funnel to get those customers pouring in like a flood.


The results you can expect



Increase your

product sales by up to 85%



Improve your customer satisfaction by as much as 70%



Reduce your operational cost by as much as 42%



Reduce customer complaint to as low as 20%.

Hear from other fashion business owners

A step-by-step guide

Develop your WhatsApp marketing plan

Your goal here is to identify the ideal type of marketing that's best for your business.

You'll identify the process to go from "no customer" to "returning customers". Understanding each step in the WhatsApp marketing process should be the focus. Just take a breath and get conversant with each step of the process.

Define your WhatsApp marketing strategy

Now, you know how to turn strangers to customers. But not every stranger is your customer.

Your goal here is to identify who you are, who you're serving, and how you'll serve them. You define what your business is about, who your business is for (so you don't turn random strangers to customers), and how you'll solve their problems.

Design your WhatsApp marketing tactics

Great! Now you have a strategy. But how do you execute?

Your goal here is very simple; map out the activities you will carry out at each stage of the WhatsApp marketing funnel. Here you're getting into the nitty-gritty of each activity, you'll write out the task(s) for each stage of the funnel.

Bonus: Set up your WhatsApp Business account

You have done the hardwork, and your business now sounds like "serious business" but you also need to look the part.

You need to set up your WhatsApp Business account to look like what your business now sounds like with all the planning and strategizing. This is why we added the WhatsApp Business fundamentals guide to help you.

Bonus: WhatsApp Check-Out Automation

Now your WhatsApp marketing is fully set up. You'll need to automate your sales process especially if you intend to run ads (which you should). The free one-month access to our WhatsApp automation software will give you a great head start.

Try out the auto-checkout demo on a sample fashion store HERE or watch the video demo below.

UforoChat Auto-checkout Demo

A demo of the auto-checkout feature of UforoChat

What's inside the bundle

A brief explanation of what's in the bundle and what to expect.

WhatsApp Marketing Plan eBook

The purpose of this eBook is to reframe your understanding of marketing.

Here are the key areas that would be explained in detail in this eBook:

1. Introduction to marketing.

2. The ideal type of marketing for small-medium businesses.

3. Understanding marketing.

4. Introducing the WhatsApp marketing plan.

5. Understanding the WhatsApp marketing plan.

6. Implementation.


Regular Price

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy eBook

The goal here is to help you develop your marketing strategy.

Here are the key areas that would be explained in detail in this eBook:

1. Your marketing strategy

2. What is target audience?

3. What is a niche?

4. How to define your target audience and niche.

5. Setting SMART Goals.

6. Implementation.


Regular Price

WhatsApp Marketing Tactics eBook

In this eBook, you'll gain a clear understanding of how the WhatsApp marketing funnel works.

Here are the key areas that would be explained in detail in this eBook:

1. The 6-step marketing process

2. The WhatsApp marketing funnel

3. The WhatsApp marketing tactics (this is a robust step-by-step guide on the activity to engage in at each stage of the marketing funnel)


Regular Price

WhatsApp Business Fundamentals Guide

This free eBook is a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about WhatsApp Business for fashion business owners.

It explains in detail each feature of WhatsApp Business and how to use each one.

There are clear examples that help fashion business owners set up a professional WhatsApp Business profile that converts leads to paying customers.


Regular Price

WhatsApp Marketing Worksheets

Knowledge acquisition is important, but it's as bad as ignorance when the knowledge doesn't produce results.

Our WhatsApp marketing worksheets are designed to help fashion business owners flawlessly execute their WhatsApp plans and strategies.

We strongly believe in execution, and that's why these 9 easy-to-use WhatsApp marketing worksheets have been made free for this bundle.


Regular Price

One-month access to UforoChat automation

UforoChat works as a chatbot. It automates your entire sales, marketing, and customer support.

UforoChat takes the edge off fashion business owners so they can focus on the 20% that gives them the 80% result.

Responding to every sales inquiry could be very daunting for fashion business owners especially when they have ads running. UforoChat's auto-checkout will handle the entire sales conversation and save fashion business owners hundreds of hours.


Regular Price

The WhatsApp Marketing Bundle

The only complete bundle of resources you need to turn your WhatsApp into a money-spinning machine.

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